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Fat Removal San Ramon CADo you want to look your best, whether in business or in your personal life? “Yes!” is the resounding answer! The only question is, How?

At Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center we get attractive results.
Dr. Riopelle is an expert at making you look your best. Dr. Riopelle holds many awards and accolades from the such prestigious academies as the American Society of Cosmetic and Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery & the International Society of Laser Surgery and the College of Phlebotomy (veins).

His extensive training established Dr. Riopelle as a trusted Cosmetic doctor in the East Bay since 1988. He enjoys being on the staff at San Ramon Regional Medical Center, John Muir Hospital and ValleyCare Medical Center, as well.
Dr. Riopelle, at his clinic Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, has successfully treated such conditions as wrinkles, age spots, cellulite and varicose veins, just to list a few. His patient’s before and after pictures show the success of his intelligent & artistic skill.

Wouldn’t you like to begin the new year, with a new you? We are all beautiful on the inside. Let the world see how beautiful you are on the outside. Our patient’s enjoy their new look, in those important business meetings and in their more personal moments. With over 20 laser state of the art options, we can personalize a treatment that best fits you. Are you trying as hard as you can to lose those few inches? Is your schedule too busy to go to the gym? Dr. Riopelle’s success with Liposculpture lets you enjoy the body you deserve.

Wrinkles and facial sinking are nature’s response to aging. Younger, tighter looking skin are what you can see with our treatments. Expect Youth! at Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.


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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is an extremely common problem that affects over 75% of women to some degree. Permanent cellulite removal has not been possible until the recent inventions such as Cellfina.

Cellulite is caused by bands of fibrous tissue that pull down the skin as women age. In a normal teenager, there are numerous bands of collagen that hold the skin to the muscle underneath. These bands of tissue contract in some areas over time leading to dents in the skin or cellulite. The greater the contraction of the band, the deeper and worse the cellulite is.



An Uplift, not a Facelift!

In our cosmetic surgery and laser dermatology practice we specialize in non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to enhance one’s looks and youthfulness.  Ultherapy fits beautifully into our mold as one of the best available cosmetic procedures.  It is the only non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten loose skin on the eyebrow, neck, and under the chin.

The only FDA-cleared procedure to lift skin on these hard-to-treat areas, Ultherapy uses the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin—including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift without disturbing the surface of the skin.


Ultherapy San Ramon CA



What sets us apart?

Vaser shape Pleasanton CA

CoolSculpting is permanent non-invasive fat removal by freezing the fat. When it comes to fat removal there are no greater experts than Dr and Donna Riopelle. When it comes to results, not all practices are created equal. Here are 3 critical reasons why you should see us first:

First, Dr and Donna Riopelle did many of the original studies for Zeltiq, the maker of Coolsculpting, long before the device was released for general use. They were intimately familiar with how it works right from the start. Why were they selected by Zeltiq to do the studies? Dr Riopelle and Donna Riopelle are foremost experts in fat removal, having done over 3500 liposuction procedures using Smart Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Tickle Lipo and Tumescent Lipo.

They have also treated hundreds of patients with non- invasive fat removal techniques including lipodissolve, Zerona, Vasershape and contour Light, all procedures offered by our practice over the years.

Dr Riopelle’s office was the initial primary research site in developing CoolSculpting. We treated and evaluated over 100 patients for Zeltiq and Dr Riopelle is credited with research in Zeltiq’s published studies ...

Vaser shape San Ramon CA

Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation

Best and latest wrinkle and age spot reduction technology


Stem Cell San Ramon CARegenerative cells are available through only a small number of physicians in the US (about 200). Dr Riopelle and Donna Riopelle are on the cutting edge of this therapeutic treatment through their work with the Ageless Regenerative institute in Palm Beach Florida and the American Society of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. Donna Riopelle is board certified in this field.

How does this effect you as a cosmetic patient of ours? You have asked us to help you maintain your youthfulness and vigor cosmetically and we are best equipped to help you with this both internally and externally.

Of course, as you know we use the latest laser, plasma, ultrasonic, and light therapies, as well topical creams and oral supplements designed to help maintain a youthful appearance.

What is most exciting and new is our use of your own cells in the form of stem cells, taken from your own fat, to help restore youthfulness. Stem cells from fat are what are called multi-potent, meaning they can be made into to many different types of body tissues ...

stem cell facial rejuvenation San Ramon CA

Tattoo Removal

Make sure that your tattoo is removed only by a highly experienced laser doctor or doctor supervised nurse using only the world’s best tattoo removal laser. You only have one body and our goal is to help you keep it looking its best. Finding the right doctor for anything cosmetic is always a difficult and important decision. When it comes to removing a tattoo, you should not take the decision lightly either. We want to help you make a well informed decision and give you all the tools you need to get the best results.

When it comes to tattoo removal the first important factor to consider is the quality of the actual laser technology out there. For years the technology has been lacking as certain colors and characteristics of tattoos have made them nearly impossible to get rid of. The great news is that the newest technology has now made the safe quick elimination of your tattoo a potential reality.

In our practice we use the World’s greatest Tattoo Removal Laser, the Picosure Laser by Cynosure. Only the Picosure uses Picosecond technology, energy delivered so fast that tattoos literally melt away. No other laser currently available can come close to matching its ability to take out a tattoo. Other lasers take out only certain colors and require up to 15 to 20 treatments. Even after that many treatments, often half the color can remain. Picosure takes out the tattoo in 5 to 8 treatments average and can treat even the most difficult colors such as blue and green...

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At Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery we have excellent treatments available for virtually every cosmetic condition. We have over 20 laser and high tech options to choose from to treat your given condition.

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