1.  Your skin doesn’t define you: Let’s be honest, whether your skin is skin or skin that drives you crazy, it does not define you. Nobody is going to stop loving you no matter what your skin looks like. It’s easy to feel down when a giant zit appears on your face or maybe you think less of your appearance because you have some scarring from acne. They do not define you, your actions, and shouldn’t control your feelings. 
  2. Your body is trying to tell you something: Your body is amazing and has many ways to tell you when something is wrong. From breakouts to rashes, there are many signs that something is off with your body. If you’ve been having clogged pores, it may be time to switch up your products. Another example is if you keep breaking out in a specific area. You can easily look up what that area means. If you have hormonal acne, it usually in your chin and haw area. You may need to look for something that can help balance your hormones. If you can’t pinpoint the cause, you may need to look for other factors, like stress, living conditions, hydration levels, your daily diet, and more.
  3. Look your current routine: Some things to ask yourself when looking at your routine include
  •   What are you washing your face with now?
  •   Have you noticed any changes since using it?
  •   Do you have a full skincare routine?
  •   Could you be using too many products?

There may be something within your routine that isn’t working well for your skin.

  1. Simplify your routine: While many people don’t have a skin care, there are also those who has a long, complicated routine. The best way to start or simply your routine is to use a gentle cleanser and a hydrating moisturizer. Simplifying your routine can help you figure out what is causing your issues. And those starting off a routine can easily work on being consistent, which is key. Once you can this down, you can then add in treatments like serums, eye creams, masks, and more to help boost your results.
  2. Narrow down your problem areas and find solutions: Figure out what you don’t like about your skin. Is it acne or aging? Is it both? From there, you can determine the issues and address them one by one. Some people, for example, have texture and acne issues. A gentle exfoliator or chemical exfoliant like AHA or BHA once a week can help with texture issues like rough skin or unevenness. For acne, you may need to implement salicylic acid, or it could even be as simple as making sure your pillowcases are clean. As you age, you can add anti-aging serums, which can help slow down the aging process.