Non-invasive body contouring procedures are designed to achieve specific results. When you’re in the gym working on getting in shape, it can be frustrating when you reach a plateau. You’re at the weight you want, and you feel healthy, but you can’t seem to get the six-pack or firmer butt you’ve always wanted. Body contouring is an option you have to get to your goals.

When most people hear the word “body contouring” they tend to think of liposuction, tummy tucks, and butt lifts. Technology has advanced a lot over the years and those procedures aren’t the only options on the market anymore. Emsculpt is one of these non-invasive treatments and it can also help build muscle. Here’s why you should give it a try:

  • Effective Workout: Emsculpt tones and tightens the abdominal muscles and buttocks. It uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (or HIFEM) energy, which is used to contract the muscles at their maximum power for results that amount to performing 20,000 sit-ups or squats. This can lead to muscle mass enlargement of up to 16 percent.
  • Fast Results: The average appointment is just 30 minutes and the schedule for the treatment is only four treatments within two weeks. Emsculpt can benefit all body types, but those who are physically fit will typically be able to see visible improvements compared to overweight patients. Think of it like this: in order to maintain your weight loss results, it generally requires follow up treatments. Emsculpt makes maintenance easy and minimal with just one appointment every three to six months.
  • No Down Time: Because the muscles contract in rapid succession during an Emsculpt treatment, it can create minor muscle soreness afterward. Emsculpt is fully non-invasive and requires no preparation or aftercare. And since there are no needles or injections needed, you won’t experience any bruising either. Emsculpt also releases the lactic acid in the muscles, which the body uses to help lessen soreness after treatment.
  • Strengthen Body: Body sculpting helps you strengthen your body, and most importantly, your core. When you have strength and muscle tone, you have a lowered risk of bone loss. Emsculpt can help give you the strength you need to advance your workout and ensure that you don’t injure yourself.
  • FDA Cleared: Safety is key with a targeted intense muscle work. Emsculpt is FDA-approved for the improvements of the abdomen and butt regions, providing you with a well-toned stomach and non-surgical butt lift without the risk.
  • Accessible: There’s no need to travel far for treatment. Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center offers this treatment and wants to help you reach your body goals without the need for a gym membership.

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