Skincare Tip #1: Take your makeup off before going to bed

After a long day or even a long night, the last thing anyone wants to do is have to drag themselves to the bathroom to wash off a full face of makeup. Unfortunately, sleeping in your foundation, mascara, and lipstick is far from being a good idea. As we sleep, the makeup that is on our face can mix with the dirt and oil that has most definitely built up on the surface of our skin throughout the day. This is a breeding grown for clogged pores, which can then lead to more breakouts. Luckily there are plenty of micellar water and making removing balms on the market.

Skincare Tip #2: Don’t Touch Your Face

This is especially important because as humans in the modern world, we touch a lot of surfaces. From doorknobs, keyboards, and cellphones to toilet flushers, garbage can lid, and public counter tops, you are touching things that are full of germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria end up on our fingers and hands, which is why it is especially important to avoid transferring any of the nasty stuff to your face. You should also wash your hands before applying any skin care products to your face Make sure to wash your hands before application.

Skincare Tip #3: Wear sunscreen, even if isn’t sunny out

A lot of people think that wearing SPF is only something your need to do when you’re hang outside at the beach all day. The truth is you should actually be wearing it every day, no matter what the weather is like outside. Even on days where the skies are grey and there is not visible sun light. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, even on cloudy days, you are at risk of getting a sun burn. And the more time you spend unprotected in the sun, the more likely you’ll up aging faster and see visible signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots.

It’s best to always choose an SPF product that is formulated with broad-spectrum SPF, since this is what helps protect our skin against both UVA and UVB rays. An SPF of 30 is best and sunscreen should be the last step in your skin care routine, right before putting on makeup.

Skincare Tip #4: Use a moisturizer, even if your skin is oily.

It is a common belief that if you have oily skin, you don’t need to use a moisturizer. But, having oily skin doesn’t give you a pass on moisturizing after you’ve cleansed your face. For one, there are many external factors such as pollution, UV rays, and cleansing too much that can cause damage to your oily skin’s moisture barrier. Over time, this causes a loss of moisture and an increase in oil production, hence why you probably end up looking even shinier. Second, a lot of the time when someone has oily skin, is generally means their skin is overcompensating for a lack of moisture. Try using a moisturizer that is light and formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water, which are great for helping provide your skin long-lasting hydration. Hydrate your skin every morning and night!

Skincare Tip #5: Exfoliation should be minimal

While exfoliating is extremely beneficial for your skin, since it helps get rid of dead skin cells to help a dull-looking complexion, over exfoliating can cause a lot of irritation. The amount of times a week you should exfoliate will vary for each person, try starting our exfoliating once week and slowly work your way up to twice or three times a week. The best thing you can do for your skin is to pay attention to how your skin responds after it is exfoliated. This can help you determine how often you should incorporate exfoliation in your skin care routine. There are also a lot of different products you can use, some gentler than others. The goal is to find what works for you.

There are many skin care tips floating around the internet. Many blogs, YouTube videos, and Tik Toks are full of people giving advice – these are all entertaining, but you should be cautious of these tips because a lot of these are not credible. The best thing you can do is speak to a professional about what works best for you.