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Dr. Riopelle explains different techniques used for fat removal

Smart Lipo San Ramon CA
Abdomen Lipo Laser in San Ramon, California
Abdomen Lipo Laser in San Ramon, California
Abdomen Lipo Laser in San Ramon, California
Abdomen Lipo Laser in San Ramon, California
Abdomen Lipo Laser in San Ramon, California

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liposuction San Ramon CA
liposuction San Ramon CA
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Fat Transfer in San Ramon, California

Liposculpturing is artwork. The Riopelle family is filled with well-known artists including Jean Paul Riopelle, famous French Canadian artist, Jerry Riopelle, famous singer, and Jeffrey Riopelle, acclaimed liposculpture artist. Dr Riopelle carefully and skillfully sculpts each individual as if working to create a fine masterpiece. Permanently re-contour your body while fully awake with our Advanced Laser Microtechniques.

SMART LIPO (Laser Liposuction)

Smart Lipo uses an FDA-approved microscopic laser to melt fat, simultaneously coagulate blood vessels, and tighten loose skin and cellulite. This major technological advancement allows minimal downtime with most patients returning to work the next day. There is local numbing which provides a comfortable treatment with patients walking in and out. Incisions are hidden and are so tiny that no stitches are needed, therefore no unsightly scars occur. Smart Lipo offers smoother results than what occurs with traditonal Liposuction with less swelling and bruising and virtually no blood loss.


Vaser Liposelection uses an advanced, patented fat removal technology that has become the trusted method in a society saturated with fad procedures. Demanded by physicians and patients alike, the results are smooth and consistent with fast patient recovery. Vaser Lipo is performed between the layer of skin and the layer of muscle. While the procedure emulsifies and extracts fat, it leaves other tissue intact. By preserving this important connective tissue, the Vaser Lipo System promotes smooth and predictable results.

LIPODISSOLVE (Non-surgical Liposuction)

LipoDissolve uses a series of tiny injections of two naturally occurring substances with BOTOX-sized needles to permanently remove areas of unwanted fat and tighten skin or to smooth dimply irregularities in the skin often called cellulite. Usually done in a series of 1-4 treatments with ultrasound, this is an innovative and highly-effective non-surgical method of removing fat and sculpting body shape.

TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION (Traditional Liposuction)

This traditional awake Liposuction technique is reserved for those patients who require larger areas of fat removal. It can be combined with other procedures to remove the deeper fat first and then Smart Lipo is added nearer the skin to achieve the desired smoothing effect.


Smart Lipo Ultra is a combination of Vaser Liposculpture and Smart Lipo laser liposculpture. This proprietary technique is deesigned for slightly larger areas of fat or for patients in which the skin needs extra tightening. /the vaser is used first to melt large areas of fat and then the Smart Lipo laser is used to contour and to heat the skin to tighten the skin. Very few phyxicians in the US have both technologies and can combine the best of both worlds as we can.

Where can Smart Lipo and Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo Ultra be used? We use these great forms of liposculptour to reduce size and contour the abdomen, the sides, the love handles, the hips, the back, the arms, the inner thigh, the outer thigh, the neck and the jowls. In the neck, Smart Lipo Ultra is great for reducing neck fat and it can do a wonderfrul job of tightening loose neck skin. We even use it occasionally for loose neck skin alone when there is no fat to remove.



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