SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ and the Rapid Fat Burning Gold Program- Introduction and protocol for enrollment

Welcome to SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ using the Rapid Fat Burning Program Gold System. The purpose of this introduction is to take you through the program giving you a brief physician overview of the program, who qualifies and how the program will be instituted. SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ is a weight loss system specifically designed to help patients lose weight in specific areas of the body, for example the abdomen, the hips, the thighs, or the arms, etc. SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ is designed to be done in combination with any one of the many great technologies for contouring an area of the body that you hopefully already have in your offices. Use of SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ and the Rapid Fat Burning System will greatly enhance the weight loss from the area(s) of interest and will help maintain that weight loss longterm. Patients will also lose weight from the body in general, but they will lose weight more quickly from the selected areas that your procedures treat, making your procedures even more effective and even more satisfying to the patients.

What is the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ system?

The SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ System involves the use of a very specific liquid diet developed by a team of endocrinologists at UCLA combined with a once a day high protein low carbohydrate meal (called a vegi-protein meal). The medical food formula has been used by many physicians on tens of thousands of patients so it has a very long track record of success and safety. Briefly, patients will consume a three time per day liquid diet that is specially formulated to provide just the right combination of nutrients to burn fat at a rapid rate and spare muscle tissue. Patients will combine this liquid program with a single meal consisting of high protein foods and vegetables. They will stay on this formulation for six to twelve weeks or more depending on their goals. During this 6 to twelve week period they will have one form or another of a body contouring technology which we will describe in more detail later. Once they have completed this 6 to 12 week rapid fat burning phase, they will be converted gradually back to regular food appropriate for their body type. So let’s start with just what patients are eligible for SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ and the Rapid Fat Burning Gold Program .

Patients eligible for inclusion in the program include: first, Adult patients ages 18 and older, male or female, BMI of 27 and above. In other words, patients who are overweight to obese and at risk from their weight. Second, any adult patient with an elevated body fat percentage. Third any patient with an elevated abdomen to hip ratio. In other words any patient with Riopelle Fat Type 3 or greater. We will explain the Riopelle Fat type later. Fourth, any patient age 18 or over with BMI 22 or greater who has difficulty losing past their current weight despite an optimal exercise program and dietary program. Fifth, any patient with BMI 19 or greater who has a specific pocket of fat anywhere on the body that just will not resolve despite normal exercise and eating habits. So as you can see, a great percentage of the adult population is eligible for treatment with SMART WEIGHT LOSS™.

Patients excluded from the program include the following: anyone currently pregnant or nursing, anyone with severe liver disease (liver enzymes greater than 5 times normal, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis), anyone with active gallbladder disease, active cancer, renal failure, cardiomyopathy, severe congestive heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, recent diabetic ketoacidosis, recent major weight loss due to acute or chronic disease, or anyone with history of anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

Patients with the following conditions may participate in the program and will in fact gain added benefits from the program regarding their conditions: hyperlipidemia, dyslipidemia, essential hypertension, controlled hypothyroidism, elevated hs-crp, type 2 diabetes, controlled type 1 diabetes, severe obesity, metabolic syndrome, risk of coronary artery disease due to weight, fatty liver disease with mildly elevated liver enzymes, rheumatoid disease with obesity, obesity with osteoarthritis , obesity with surgery pending,or any condition (other than those excluded) in which weight loss will improve the condition.

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Next Let’s talk about the Medical work-up for initiation of SMART WEIGHT LOSS™

Patients are required to undergo to the following to assure they have no contraindications to the program and to help assess them for continued success after the Rapid Fat Burning Gold Phase.

  1. 1. A complete standard medical history,
  2. 2. A 2 page dietary questionnaire (see “Patient Diet History Questionnaire”)
  3. 3. A Bariatric Physical Exam consisting of a brief physical exam, BMI, a waist circumference in women (measured just below the rib cage( women only), abdominal (called waist by many some weight loss specialists) circumference measured at the umbilicus (men and women), a hip circumference (men and women), a waist to hip ratio (men and women), a Riopelle Fat Type 0 to 6 (men and women).
  4. 4. Also recommended but not required is a body fat analysis done by using impedance testing. (See “Bariatric Physical Exam.”)

Next let’s discuss the Dietary Protocol

All patients will start a medically supervised liquid weight loss regimen combined with a specific single vegi-protein daily meal. This weight loss regimen will consist of a protein sparing modified fast of 4 shakes per day of approximately 130 calories each. Patients will eat one meal on their own per day, consisting of protein and vegetables only and having approximately 500 to 700 calories. Patients will use only shakes and products provided under the name and license Rapid Fat Burning Program. Patients will space the shakes plus one meal approximately three to four hours apart, intaking calories 5 times per day. The patient is to eat no other food besides the one meal, but must also consume at least six 12 ounce glasses of water per day. He/she may also consume any non caloric clear beverages, but must not consume alcoholic beverages. It is understood that this caloric restriction is specifically designed to place the patient into a mild ketosis, a rapid fat metabolism form of energy burning. Patients are expected to lose 2 to 5 lbs the first week. Subsequent weeks they are expected to lose 1-2 lbs per week for women and 2-4 lbs for men while on the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ regimen. The best part about the program is that their most significant fat loss will come from that particular area in which your targeted produre is being done. If their procedure involves a non-invasive treatment such as Vasershape, Zerona, Velashape, Coolsculpting, or any other non-invasive sculpting procedure, the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ should be followed for a minimum of 6 weeks while the procedure is performed during that same time frame. If Liposuction or a tummy tuck is to be performed, the procedure can be performed at any time during the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Process, either before, after, or during the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ regimen.

The patient should continue on the Rapid Fat Burning Gold portion of the program for a minimum of 6 weeks, but may continue until the desired fat has been burned off or removed from the area of interest. For multiple areas of fat removeal such as abdomen and thighs, for example, the patient may need to continue on the Rapid Fat Burning Gold portion of the program for 12 or more weeks or until a goal weight is achieved as determined by the medical provider. Once the desired goal is achieved, the patient enters the recommended Conversion phase which takes 2 to 6 weeks. Patients will convert to eating a second meal that is a high protein, high vegetable, low sugar, low starch meal while continuing 2-3 shakes per day. Gradually the patient is transitioned back to eating 3 meals and 2 shakes per day, then 4 meals and 1 shake per day, and then eventually to 5 small meals per day as maintenance. Patients can utilize shakes and high protein proprietary bars during the conversion phase. Once in the maintenance phase many patients choose to continue with 1, 2 or 3 shakes or bars as meal replacements while eating 1 or 2 regular meals per day. In maintance, patients will be taught to eat specific food types depending on their Riopelle fat type. In other words, not all patients are alike and maintance food intake will be tailored specifically to the patient.

The goal of the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Program is to achieve long term success, not just short term gain. Many weight loss and body contouring programs, especially non-invasive ones, fail in the long run because they lack a continued ongoing structured program. This program allows you to continue to treat the help the patient achieve success while we do much of the work for you in the background. The long term success of the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Program is achieved by an aggressive long term structured maintenance program combined with your initial excellent body contouring techniques. Patients will enroll in our online weekly behavior modification program at the start of the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase of the program. After conversion, we recommend patients continue in the online behavior modification part of the program for up to a year after starting the initial phase. This behavior modification program will help keep patients tuned into their weight loss goals and will help achieve long-term success. We also recommend continued monthly visits to your office for a weigh in, body measurements and if available, body fat testing for at least 1 year. This routine follow-up can be performed by a medical assistant and serves three purposes. First it helps keep the patients tuned in to maintain their goals. Second it keeps them coming back so that they are reminded to stay with you for their other cosmetic needs. Third it gives you and your staff the opportunity to remind them to refer family and friends for similar service- your patients are sure to be happy with their results. After the first year, patients may discontinue behavioral modification and monthly visits if desired. However, many patients may prefer to continue these monthly meetings and weekly behavioral modification longterm. All patients whether continuing on in mainenance or not should observe strict weight gain guidelines. Women who regain more than 7 lbs above their final weight and men who gain more than 10 lbs above final weight will immediately resume a short course of the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase. By this immediate attention to weight gain, patients can avoid the feelings of failure that might otherwise eventually lead many to regain weight over the long term.

Next we will discuss the office Visit Follow-up and Behavioral Modification Protocol

On day 1 the patient will have his or her initial consultation preferably with the physician or physician extender. A time-table for procedures and starting the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Protocol is discussed with the patient and agreed upon. Most patients prefer to start shakes either that day or the next day. Patients will sign up for the online behavioral modification at the front desk.

The patients will then follow- up for visits as follows:

One week follow-up: medical assistant visit only: it includes a weight check, BMI, a body fat analysis if available, and a check to make sure they started the online behavioral modification program. They will also obtain more medical food.

Two week follow-up: MA or physician extender, or physician visit that includes a weight check, body fat analysis if available, physician questionaire regarding adherence to the dietary regimen, exercise, and sleep habits. It also includes a focused exam including blood pressure, an abdomen and hip measurement, and calculation of the Riopelle Fat Type.

3 week follow-up: same as week one.
4 week follow-up: same as week two.
5 week follow-up: same as week one
6 week follow-up: same as week two follow-up

The process continues in the same manner until the patient achieves goals outlined at the initial consultation. In other words the patient comes in every week, one week on a drop in basis for a weigh-in and the next for a visit with the provider or staff.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the behavioral modification program.

Starting at week 1, patients will be enrolled in the online behavioral modification program. The behavioral modification program is critical to the patients success. Long term success drops off dramatically if the patient does not participate in the behavioral modification. First, starting in week 1 they will do the introductory tutorials. Then starting week 2 they will join the live online behavioral modification program. They will perform the online exercises. This program is mandatory and must be attended online on a weekly basis throughout the Rapid Fat Burning god phase. Again this behavioral modification program allos us to do most of the work in the background that will insure their long-term weight loss and body contouring success. Physician offices will be given feedback regarding patient attendance of these meetings. Patients who fail to attend a minimum number of meetings will be given warnings, but if they continue to miss meetings, they will be dropped from the Rapid Fat Burning Gold program.

During the Rapid Fat Burning Gold phase, patients will continue 4 shakes plus a Vegi-Protein meal per day, and they will see the staff for a more extended visit every two weeks. They will have a weekly weight check and if available, a body fat analysis. They will obtain shakes weekly at their visits. They are not to eat other regular food or consume alcoholic beverages or have any additional calories beyond those prescribed by the physician. Any additional calorie consumption beyond the shakes and the vegi- protein meal will take the patient out of ketogenic fat burning and cause the patient to not only burn less calories, but also to burn more protein store rather than fat. Since the goal is to burn as much fat as possible and as little protein as possible, it must be emphasized to the patient the importance of not eating any additional calories. Generally they should not feel hungry during the initial phase of the program, but non-compliance also turns on the appetite.

In summary, we are helping you implement a strict weight loss regimen that will allow your patients to see amazing results. As long as the patient sticks with the program they will achieve great long term success. Even patients who end up deviating here and there will do well in the end if they just stick with it. Expect to have many many very grateful patients. We are excited to be working with you and know you will be as successful with this program as we have been.

Disclaimer: The above information is for informational purposes only and is not to take the place of sound clinical judgment on a patient by patient basis. Each patient needs to be evaluated individually by the clinician and treated in a way that is medically appropriate for that patient. Each clinical situation is unique and the above information cannot and should not be generalized and said to apply to all patients and situations. By the same token the above information in no way implies that there is any doctor patient relationship whatsoever established between the authors and the individual patients treated by physicians reading and utilizing the information provided. Nor does use of the Rapid Fat Burning shakes and the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Program imply any doctor patient relationship between the authors (or owners) and patients treated by physicians utilizing the SMART WEIGHT LOSS™ Program, the Rapid Fat Burning Program (and food supplements).


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