Thread Lift and Silhouette Suture Lift

This unique lifting procedure uses fine threads with attached protein cups, placed into the undersurface of the skin in the face to lift and hold the skin in place.

The major advantage of this procedure over the traditional facelift is that it there are no facial incisions or scars and that the recovery is very rapid, usually just 2 to 4 days. The only incisions are in the scalp in areas that are totally hidden by hair. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and therefore has none of the risks of a traditional facelift.

Good candidates again are those who need only mild or moderate lifting. Patients have anywhere from 4 to 16 sutures placed depending on the areas to be lifted. We can lift the laugh lines and cheek, the jowls, the brows and to a lesser degree the neck.

Another unique advantage is that if the sutures let down with time, they can actually be lifted and tightened in a relatively short follow-up procedure.



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