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Here is a great new ultrasonic device used as a fat buster by Dr. Riopelle that knocks out fat without surgery. Our new New Vaser Shape device will remove fat and contour your body parts without surgery as seen on Dr. Oz and Today on NBC.

This great new device actually melts fat and painlessly contours without surgery. Our staff, including Dr Riopelle, tried the treatments first, and we were so amazed with the results that we instantly bought it. You see, we can get great results with little to no risk through Tickle Lipo, Smart Lipo, and Vaser Lipo. However, you may not be someone who wants to have surgery or maybe you can’t afford downtime. If you have areas of fat, this treatment is perfect for you because you can do it on your lunchtime. Sounds simple enough, right?

Treatment takes about 40 minutes, and it involves the use of dual-head-focused ultrasonic waves that punch holes in fat cells, causing the fat to leak out. Your fat is then pushed away from the area and into the liver for processing using lymphatic massage. This whole procedure is completely painless. In fact, one of our staff members commented after using the device, stating, “my treatment felt like a hot stone massage.”

Most people need 4 to 5 sessions, and the treatment works great on abdominal fat, love handles, back fat, bra fat, hip fat, inner-thigh fat, and outer-thigh fat. Get that summer body back in shape through the painless and noninvasive Vaser Shape device at Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.



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